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I’ve come to know many “homeless” residents embarrassed to publicly discuss their situations within our own town and across the country. I’ve been forced to live in illegal, condemned apartments and rooming houses, and know first-hand the struggle in trying to be heard by the Housing Authority while fearing retaliation that might affect my family’s most fundamental need - housing. I am fueled by my own experience and the shared experiences of families I’ve met along my own housing journey. I want to work to eliminate the hardship and dehumanizing treatment of residents experiencing housing instability.

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Candidate Profile on ACMI:


I am enthusiastically supporting Kelda Fontenot for Arlington Housing  Authority. She will tirelessly advocate for the safety and security of our most at-risk residents. Her personal journey drives her passion to ensure that every resident is treated equitably, and that all residents are heard. I urge anyone who cares about the lives of our neighbors who live in the housing authority‘s properties to join me and vote for Kelda.

     ~Sheri A. Baron, Town Meeting member, Precinct 7

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